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For us, service is paramount. Our primary intention is to give proper and professional assistance in obtaining and processing of consular and legal documentation required by you, your company or organization, both in the U.S. and Venezuela. Our customers are guaranteed that their needs will be met with seriousness and a fair amount of time.
The services most requested by our clients:

Apostille: Certification issued by designated authorities in a country where there is a treaty called: The Hague Convention, which abolishes the requirement for legalization of foreign public documents that applies to personal documents and corporate documents. The aim of this convention is removing the requirement of diplomatic or consular legalization for foreign public documents, so documents bearing the seal of endorsement, shall not require legalization.

Apostille Services

Mabel & Associates – Consular Services offers immediate solutions Apostille and legalization of documents inside and outside the United States, for international use and for all the documents originated outside the member countries of the Hague Convention , Which removes the requirement of legalization.

Which of these services you need an apostille?

– Birth to family remittances.

– child’s birth certificate (a) to register at the consulate

– Selling a home outside the U.S. and requires letter-power.

– Diploma and / or school grades to continue studies in their country.